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Positions are the type of resource that most appropriately relate to players in an organisation. Positions can be vacant, which means they do not have a user associated with them, or they can active, which means a user is associated with them.

Position view

Adding new positions

When you add a new position, you fill out a simple form (pictured below) - if you select to keep the position vacant, the email field disappears. New positions must accept an invitation to your organisation.

Below, you can see information about each field of this form.

Form to add a position

If you are adding many positions, a bulk import is available. Email help @ with this template and we will assist with the import. Read more here.

Types of position employment type:

There are two types of position employment types, regular and casual. Regular positions are those that do not need to respond to project offers, they are considered to accept all projects they are allocated, the common use case for this employment type is paid musicians in professional settings or financial members for community groups. Casual musicians are required to respond to offers of projects and are often used for guests or players with highly variable availability.

When rostering, regular musicians are shown higher in the available musicians and casuals follow after them.

Types of position permissions:

There are four permission levels in Symphona.

  1. Account owners
  2. Admin
  3. Managers
  4. Basic

Account owners are the organisations contact person, for billing and communication matters. There is only able to be one Account Owner per organisation. Need to change your account owner or permissions of an account owner? Email help @

Administrators can view, add, change and delete anything in Symphona and care should be taken when adding Administrators to make sure they are appropriately trained.

Managers can view everything, and add, change and delete anything in Symphona that relates their section only. A common use of this permission is a Principle that is tasked with rostering their own section.

Basic users can only view the information already present in Symphona.

Musical roles

Musical roles mainly relate to the sections users can be rostered into. In the case of managers, this is the section that they are able to edit. In the case of Violins, an additional ordinal (1st/2nd/Both) is available.

Making changes to positions

If you have administrator permissions, you can drop into the admin mode and change positions by selecting 'Details' of the relevant position and change what is required. Only the user themselves is able to edit their name and email though.

If you change employment type of a position, from casual to regular, pending project offers sent prior to the change must still be accepted.

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