Bulk position import

Bulk position imports are available by Symphona staff, when the import template is used and emailed to help @ symphona.app

The template can be accessed here

How to use the template

Field Entry Notes
Email The users email address When this is present, once the file is uploaded, invitations will be sent automatically.
Employment type Regular or Casual
Role (permissions)

One of:

Admin, Manager, Basic

When this is present, permissions are live automatically post import.

Take additional care to ensure user permissions are accurate.

Instrument Instrument abbreviation Dependant on the positions instrument, list the abbreviation here. Multiple values can be separated by a comma.

One of:

1, 2, Both

Only one ordinal is accepted

Instrument Abbreviations

Instrument Value
Violin vln
Viola vla
Cello vcl
Double Bass db
Piccolo picc
Flute fl
Oboe ob
Cor Anglais eh
Clarinet cl
Bass Clarinet bcl
Bassoon bsn
Contrabassoon cbsn
Alto Saxophone asax
Tenor Saxophone tsax
Baritone Saxophone barsax
Trumpet tpt
Trombone trb
Bass Trombone btrb
Euphonium euph
Tuba tba
Keyboard kb
Timpani tmp
Percussion perc
Harp hp
Other other
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