All about projects

Projects refer to a group of events such as rehearsals, performances, or meetings. Projects are organised into four sections: Project Details, Calls, Works, and Sections.

Projects view

Adding new projects

Bulk project imports are available, please email help@ if you would like to discuss.

To add a new project, you navigate to 'Projects' and click '+ Create New'. From there, you are provided a form to complete the information required.

Project details

The Project Details section holds the basic information about the project, being the name, series and conductor.


The Calls section includes three types of calls: Rehearsals, Performances, and Sessions (which can be used for meetings, balancing, or other purposes).

To add a call, you need to select the start and end date and time, enter the venue, and add any relevant notes (like dress requirements). To add multiple calls, repeat this process as many times as needed.


Works refer to pieces of music that will be played for the selected project. To enter a work, you must add the name of the work, the composers surname and the length of the work, optionally you can include the composers first name and any notes.


The sections component of a project is where we begin to list what players are required for a project, and will determine the fields available when rostering a project.

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