All about project offers

Project Offers is a helpful feature designed for administrators and managers to better manage their rosters by creating an additional workflow for offering projects to casual musicians. With this feature, managers can communicate project information with casual musicians without placing them on the roster, making the process more efficient and better reflecting the real-world process.

Project offers are only sent to casual musicians, because it is assumed that regular musicians are playing in all projects they assigned to. When rostering a casual musician, a project offer will be sent to them and in the Roster, they will have 'Offer Sent' in yellow next to their name.

If a player accepts, this will disappear.

If a player declines, this will disappear, and the chair will become vacant. They will also be marked unavailable and not be able to be rostered for that same project.

You can turn responses to project offers on and off, or select if you want them as in-app notifications, email notifications or both.

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